Delayed diagnosis of cancer

Our medical negligence team have considerable experience acting in delayed diagnosis of cancer cases including delayed diagnosis of breast cancer where we have an enviable record in succeeding

It is generally accepted that the earlier a diagnosis is made the better the prospects on outcome and whilst the ability to "catch" cancer, including breast cancer, early has improved dramatically over recent years. Sadly there are situations where a diagnosis should have been but has not been picked up and dealt with.

We are often referred situations where people feel that their diagnosis of cancer has come a long time after initial complaints. We can investigate by recovery of your records and referral to an expert whether there has been substandard care which meets the legal test, by a GP or the hospital.

We have had a number of successful cases where clients with bowel cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer, amongst others, where there has been negligent delay in being referred to an expert.


How we investigate your claim

When you contact us we will take full details of what happened, where it took place, and when.

We have access to the top experts in this field as well as being sensitive to the client in a very difficult situation. We have both male and female solicitors with expertise in this area and therefore can make sure we meet the wishes of a client given the delicate nature of the situations.

If it was less than 3 years ago it is likely you are within time to investigate it. However, if it is more than 3 years since it happened, it will depend on a number of factors and we can discuss it further. A child has until their 19th birthday to commence a claim, or it could be later in exceptional circumstances.

We will then obtain all your relevant medical records and refer them to an independent expert, in the area of medicine that you criticise. It is a high test, and if the expert confirms that it has been met, the next stage is to prove what difference the negligence has made.

We have a good working relationship with medical professionals in a wide variety of disciplines to assist us.

We offer a range of funding options, including Legal Aid in certain circumstances, which we can discuss with you.

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