New management team for 2020 at Balfour+Manson

Balfour+Manson has revamped its management structure after a successful and high-profile year.

The firm has a new senior management team of three Partners - Ann Logan, Robert Holland and Alan Gilfillan - which took charge on 1st January.

Senior Management Team

Previously, the firm was led by Executive Chairman Elaine Motion, who remains as Chair of the Partnership and will work closely with the new team. Mrs Motion led the historic Brexit case, which resulted in the UK Supreme Court ruling Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament was unlawful.

Elaine has done a fantastic job as Executive Chairman, while also doing very demanding and high-profile client work,” said Ann Logan, a Litigation Partner and Personal Injury specialist.

She was keen to hand on the executive reins as part of a long-term succession planning strategy, while remaining as Chair and continuing her high-profile client work. The Partnership decided that a Senior Management Team of three was the best structure - and the three of us were elected in a free vote of the 23 Partners.”

Robert Holland, Head of Employment, added: “Elaine has a high profile as a result of the Brexit cases and this is a perfect time to capture that as she concentrates on a more outward-facing role as Chairman. At the same time, the new team will look to draw heavily on her experience as we work together to drive the firm to the next level.”

Alan Gilfillan, a Commercial Law Partner, said: “The three of us have different expertise and skills and it’s important that we represent a wide cross-section of the business. Balfour+Manson is renowned for its litigation team but we are a full service firm with strength in all areas.”

Balfour+Manson is well-known for promoting talent at a young age, with family lawyer Jamie Foulis brought into the partnership at just 29 in 2017 and many others, including Mr Gilfillan, promoted to Partner in their early 30s.

It is the only sizeable Scottish legal firm to have a female-dominated Partnership. The promotion of Sarah Shiels, Stephanie Zak and Lynne Mulcahy to Partner in January 2019 meant 12 of the 23 Partners were women - highly appropriate for a firm that appointed the first female partner in any Scottish law firm, Ethel Houston in 1949. The firm's history stretches back to 1888 and it is still based in Frederick Street, in Edinburgh's New Town. It also has an office in Carden Place, Aberdeen.

The new team will be supported by Finance Director Ken Dinneen and Director of HR Margaret Peet.

“We have a very experienced support team in place as we shape the future of the firm in all the key areas,” said Ann Logan. “Our focus as a new team will be ensuring we have the right people to deliver a strong pipeline of work across the whole business, building a modern IT infrastructure to support what we do and having a strong profile in the market-place to attract new business.”

Elaine Motion said: "Ann, Robert and Alan are great lawyers and excellent leaders and I look forward to working with them to build an even stronger future for Balfour+Manson."