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You may well think that your obligations to house, feed and support your young adult comes to an end when they finish high school and can find employment themselves. That is not correct.


As unromantic as they may seem a pre-nup could save an awful lot of heartache in the long term


With the increase in couples using IVF to conceive, it is important to consider the issue of consent should there be a subsequent separation


Brexit: What are the legal implications for businesses in the event we leave the EU without a deal?


Considering a separation? Melissa Inman provides some useful guidance on what to consider


Morrisons supermarket is vicariously liable for an internet disclosure made by one of its employees


A number of other employment aspects are likely to continue through a transition period, which is common in the ever changing landscape of employment law. Here are a few of the major developments to keep an eye out for


Employee, worker, self-employed independent contractor, other? The answer might not be what you think! The legal definitions are not clear and neither are the boundaries clearly defined.


Gordon Deane comments on an interesting article from the PLC website written by barrister David Simpson of 3 Verulam Buildings

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