The concept of a trust is straightforward enough, but the legal and tax rules surrounding them are complex. It is vital to be guided through this complexity by a suitably qualified and experienced professional so that the correct type of trust vehicle is selected for your situation and objectives and the trust documents are drafted correctly.

Reasons why you may wish to set up a Trust as part of your estate planning

Legal and tax rules of Trust

We have considerable expertise in this area and are well placed to advise on:

Administration - taking the burden off you

Once the Trust is established, our dedicated Trusts Management team can take on much of the administrative burden on behalf of the trustees, such as:

  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Financial reporting
  • Dealing with investment managers
  • Dealing with HMRC

We provide clear advice and reports to the trustees so that they can carry out their role successfully without it becoming a worry and inconvenience.

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